“Colour specifically and not considered as colouring is still to be acknowledged, to be discovered, but in its own way. The new art of perception is opposed to all retrogression, to symbolism, to traditions. It is endowed with movement, with life, and not with stasis of a crystal, or known archaisms” – Robert Delaunay


My painterly experimentation with colour and resin are a flirtation of what is traditional, what is known about this material and chance. In my subjective investigations, I coax ‘spontaneous patterns of colour’ from the material, layering and mixing, as I exercise partial control over the material, unable ever to predict the exact and final outcome. Each piece tells its own story of control versus chance in its spontaneous patterns and colour and shape. My jewellery demonstrates a complex and playful use of colour, pairing every colour imaginable with experimental and unpredictable compositions.


The use of crystal like shapes and splashes of metallic add more layers of randomness and movement within each and every piece. A wearer may be drawn to a certain shape or colour over another. They may choose to attach symbolism or memory to a piece. It is their journey to discover and interpret in whatever way they choose. Each piece of jewellery is created to be continually explored, offering fresh discoveries within the colourful chaos.


Inspired by the desire to meet the intersection between fashion and art, my artistic endeavours have led to one-off hand-pigmented resin smaller scale production works and stand- alone large scale exhibition pieces.